Which template is for me?

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What are templates?

Templates are about more than their design. We have created a range of templates with pre-filled smart fields, which means they are set up with data we suggest you are after. For example, in business testimonials, you are probably looking to collect contributor's name and their job title.

TIP: You can customise templates completely once your start your project or even delete all elements and start from scratch. Therefore, don't stress too much if you choose the 'wrong one'.


So, which template is for me?

Start by thinking about the end video you'd like to receive. Firstly, there are categories:

  • Video testimonials - Capture everything from testimonials, shoutouts, opinions or instant reactions. These templates heavily rely on a person speaking to the camera
  • Video grabs - This category is broader, capturing shots of a persons lifestlye, products in action and video contests. These templates are set up to allow for the bulk of situations and encourage creativity
  • Vide listicles - These templates are all unique with their autonumbering feature. This means that when you combine a number of clips, the numbered order appears on the video clip. They are great for things like best-ofs, top 3 and monthly highlights.


Top 5 ranking user-generated video projects:
  1. Video Testimonials - Hear what your customers really think about your store by inviting them to submit video testimonials.
  2. Reaction videos - Consumers can film their reaction to questions, events or results and upload the clips for use by a brand in marketing
  3. Video reviews - Real customers submit their video clips of your product or destination. This is a powerful tool to build social proof.
  4. Contest videos - Aggregate clips of your product in action from your most passionate consumers by launching a video contest
  5. Best of videos - Collect videos from contributors and organise them into the best submissions with automatic numbering


What smart fields does each template create?
  • One liner challenge - Name, prompt 1 (one sentence answer)
  • B2C Testimonial - Name, location
  • B2B Testimonial - Name, prompt 1 (Job title)
  • Instant Reaction - Name, prompt 1 (Quote from the event)
  • Video Message - Name, location
  • Video Greeting - Prompt 1 (Name as seen on a card)
  • Location Listicle - Prompt 1 (Instagram tag), place name, location
  • Best Of - Name, location
  • 6 shots - Name
  • Buzz Reel - Name, location
  • Lifestyle Snapshot - Name, place name, location, prompt 1 (one sentence answer)
  • Product In Action - Name, location
  • Video Compilation - Name
  • Video Contest - Name, prompt 1 (one sentence answer)


Check out all the types of fields you can place on your video clip here

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