Collecting Additional Contributor Data for Video Overlays


When soliciting video submissions from contributors, streamlining the submission process is essential to encourage participation. While the video itself is crucial, gathering additional data from contributors can enhance the content’s context and usefulness. With Vloggi, you can seamlessly collect and incorporate this data into dynamic video overlays, such as automatically generated lower thirds.

You can choose which details to display on your video clip layout. For example, you can collect the email and location of your contributors for data purposes but not place them on the video clip layout.

A 3 step guide to collecting contributor data for use in video overlays

  1. Data Collection Process
  • Simplify the submission process by ensuring it’s easy for contributors to submit their videos with a simple click.
  • Consider the information you need from contributors, such as name, organization, email, location, or custom questions tailored to your specific project needs.
    Ask custom prompts in Vloggi
  1. Custom Questions
  • Customize questions to gather specific information from contributors, expanding beyond basic details to capture relevant insights.
  • Keep in mind that contributors’ answers are limited to 125 characters to ensure clarity and brevity.
  1. Displaying Contributor Data
  • Choose which details to display on your video clip layout, tailoring the overlay to your preferences and project requirements.
  • Incorporate contributors’ answers to custom questions as dynamic fields on the video clip layout, providing context and relevance to the video content.
Adding contributor prompts to video templates

Displaying contributor data over video submissions as lower third graphics

From one-word answers to sentences, custom prompts can add a lot of value to your videos. The reason for asking them is to display certain information on your video clips in what is known as a lower third, or data-driven video graphic.

International school of Luxembourg Vloggi case study

By adding “prompt 1 answer”, you can place the answer to the question as a dynamic field on your video clip layout.

Custom prompts as video overlays for Vloggi

TIP: Ask direct questions that get simple answers, and don’t be vague

Examples of custom prompt questions

  • Instagram tag
  • Telll us one thing about how to use the product
  • What's one tip you want to tell others

Asking contributors for a rating

You can ask your contributors to place a rating about something out of 5. For example, rate our service out of 5. By adding the rating to the video clip layout, you can display the number of stars your customers and contributors give you. This is great for video reviews and products in action projects. This will appear on the Vloggi Uploader landing page as a 1-5 star rating for your contributors to select.


These ratings can also be added to the Video template and then be rendered on top of the video clips.

JAX tyres customer feedback with rating

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