6 Tips to Making a Welcome Video

Updated 2 years ago by Tarryn Myburgh

Welcome videos make your landing page more personal. They allow you to speak directly to your customers and showcase exactly what you'd like them to do. Here are some tips to help you make one and a bonus script you can adapt

  1. Write a script before shooting
    Save time and avoid recording multiple takes by doing a little bit of planning first. There is a bonus script below that you can adapt, otherwise, you can write your own. By thinking about what you want to say, you will appear more confident on camera, and avoid doing hundreds of recordings trying to figure out what to say.
  2. Record horizontally
    If you are recording on your phone, turn it horizontally to maximise the resolution. Frame the video as you would a photo and hold it still.
  3. Look at the camera
    When recording your video, you need to look straight into the camera and talk directly to people. When you look away or sideways, it can be both distracting and appear less confident
  4. Don’t stand in front of any strong lights or windows
    Be careful of standing in front of any strong lighting or bright glares, as this will blow out the colours and you won't see any detail of yourself
  5. Speak loud and clear
    Remember to speak up and speak clearly. By annunciating and speaking up, your message will be clearer and you will come across more confidently
  6. Ask, don't tell
    You can only ask people to contribute videos to your project, you can't tell them. Remember to be polite and humble
TIP: Give a welcome video a try! You can always delete any clips you don't like. -


BONUS: A welcome video script you can adapt

We recommend a script that's around 20-30 seconds. Start by saying thank you, then introduce your ask, give a little detail and then end with a call to action.

Example script
"Hey guys, thanks for being awesome customers.

We'd love if you could record a short 10-15 second video sharing your name and what you love about our product or service, so we can share your videos to build brand awareness.

Upload it on this page and show us your amazing personalities and what you love about us."

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