Vloggi Quick Start Guide

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This guide will help you plan your first user-generated video campaign with Vloggi, from conception to sharing finished video stories with your audience.

Video Projects

Step one of creating great user-generated video stories is to create a video project from one of our video templates. Think of a video project as a smart folder into which your contributors upload their video clips. Our templates are designed around the types of videos you want to collect and can be fully customised once selected.

Here are a few of the most common ideas for gathering user-generated videos:


  • Customer testimonials
  • Product reviews and capturing users using your product or service in action
  • Video messages - capturing people’s opinions and thoughts on a topic
  • Instant reactions at events
  • Capturing the travel and lifestyle of your community


  • Business testimonials
  • Staff engagement challenges
  • Stakeholder and industry leader insights
TIP: For testing Vloggi out, the best subjects can be you and your colleagues. Create a project, send the link to yourself and experience the fully automated branded video experience for yourself. Share amongst friends and colleagues and quickly see how effective the process can be.


How to get people to submit videos

Once you have come up with an idea and planned your video project, it’s time to share the link and get people submitting videos. Here are some of the top places to share your link and ways to get people involved

  1. EDMs > include an upload link in your email newsletter inviting customers for their contributions
  2. Facebook > post to your community and directly tag your most active community members
  3. Website > paste or embed the link on your website to create a permanent source of videos
  4. Direct messages > reach out directly to people who you want to be involved
  5. LinkedIn > share a post and tag specific people to drive engagement
TIP: Add an incentive for people to submit videos. This can be things like giving away complimentary products, a discounted service or free time to use a service. This will drive submissions up by over 200%.


Where to share your video stories

You’ll want to think about where you will be promoting your user-generated video compilations, and where they will live once you’ve created them. Some great places Vloggi customers share their videos to improve marketing conversion with videos include:

  • Your website
  • Blogs
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Sales outreach
  • Slack/internal community
  • YouTube
  • Live and virtual events

Dive deeper to understand where to share your videos here

TIP: All videos can be downloaded from your account in HD - this is the best way to share on social media as they will autoplay in your social media feed


Getting started collecting user-generated videos

There are so many possibilities for getting great user-generated videos, that it can actually be quite overwhelming. If you are having trouble deciding, our advice is to start small with a friendly group of customers or colleagues for your first project. Here’s a checklist to get started:

  • Make a list of people you want to reach out to
  • Plan who will email them and how you will contact them
  • Include incentives to boost response rates
  • Keep your ask simple, with clear instructions


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