What is Vloggi templated video production?

Updated by Tarryn Myburgh

Always on-brand video for social media

Traditional video editing sees the video clip submitted first, and then the design added on top afterwards. With Vloggi, we flip that process around and automate the 'adding of the design' as well. As a result, your video production will be faster, more consistent and easier to manage

Starting with video templates

Vloggi allows you to produce consistent, on-brand video stories thanks to its templated video production technology.

Start with one of our pre-built video templates containing one or more automated smart fields. You can then customise the design, adding or removing any additional fields. Alternatively, you can reach out to our design team and we can build a bespoke template just for your brand, featuring unique animations, custom designs and creative text overlays.

  1. Choose a template to get you started
  2. Review the data you'd like to collect from contributor's
  3. Customise the video clip layout
    Add any smart fields you are collecting from contributors that you wish to display on the video.


Design it once, see it repeated.

Once you have customised your video clip layout, you can launch your project. As clips are submitted, they will automatically have the template design added to them and branding retained. The tool allows anyone to create branded video content easily, quickly and affordably. You can incorporate everything from logos to text overlays and graphics.

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